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Odyssey Stepped Care Approach

Odyssey Health Services provides a broad spectrum of services tailored to the individual’s specific difficulty.  Services range from complex, interdisciplinary assessment and treatment (integrating medical and behavioural science) to brief focused counselling targeting specific areas of difficulty.

Odyssey Health Services is comprised of five services to meet the specific needs of any client or employee situation.

Odyssey Educational Services

Educational materials, presentations, and group programs designed to prevent absenteeism and the use of modified work/hours.

Odyssey Consultation and Mediation Services

Designed to address those situations where an employer or insurer requires additional, specialized advice and assistance in order to successfully resolve a particular issue including a benefits claim, a work accommodation issue, or to ensure a successful return to work.

Odyssey CBT Counselling Services

Office based or phone counselling for the individual employee that is focused on improving function in order to facilitate a timely return to work or, where the employee is still in the workplace, to improve productivity and reduce absenteeism and/or the use of modified work/hours.

Odyssey Psychological Services

Assessment and treatment services that involve a psychologist and a behavioural/cognitive therapist.  Treatment can take place in the patient’s home and community, in an office or, more commonly, a combination of the two.

Odyssey Interdisciplinary Health Services

For individuals who have been off work and in receipt of long term disability benefits for greater than 12 months, an interdisciplinary approach is likely to provide the most effective solution. These services include the expertise of both medicine and behavioural science to address the medical and non-medical factors that contribute to the prolonged work absence.

Referral Process

Odyssey Health Services offers a complimentary, no obligation consultation to assist you in determining which of our services is best suited for a particular situation.

Odyssey Health Services then provides a quote for services to screen or assess, and if appropriate, to provide the recommended intervention.  

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