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For Patients

Are you or someone you know frustrated by a medical condition that seems to be resistant to medical or psychiatric treatment?  Recovery is either very slow or non existent.  Such unresponsive illnesses often result in patients and those around them becoming confused, frustrated, angry and depressed.  They feel hopeless and helpless and don’t know where to turn next.

The clinical teams at Odyssey Health Services have successfully treated hundreds of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, depression, anxiety and many other similar chronic illnesses.  Over 70% of those individuals who are treated by Odyssey Health Services are no longer significantly limited by their illnesses and regain control of their lives; becoming reinvolved in family and social activities as well as employment.

These are complicated cases.  There is no quick fix and engaging in treatment requires a significant commitment from the patient, their current health care providers, the insurer and/or the employer.

At Odyssey Health Services, we focus on the best interests of our patients. Our collaborative approach ensures that you receive the intervention that leads to the best possible outcome - returning to a functioning, productive lifestyle.  By working together we all benefit.

Our obligation to you is to complete our services and render our opinions in an ethical, competent manner, free from bias, and consistent with all professional standards.  We are always accountable to you through the various professional bodies and legislation that govern our conduct, including (when applicable) the College of Physicians and Surgeons, the College of Psychologists and the Ontario College of Kinesiologists.

We strictly maintain and protect your privacy and confidentiality at all times. We adhere to the confidentiality rules and practices that apply to all physicians and psychologists in the province of Alberta, Nova Scotia and Ontario. 

Individuals may be referred to us by an insurer, employer or physician.  However, self referral is also possible.  In all cases we will request your permission to allow us to communicate with your physician(s) or health care provider(s).