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Research tells us that being at work contributes to a person’s recovery from illness and injury; that employment is a significant social determinant of physical and mental health; and prolonged time off work decreases chances of a successful return to work. 

It is well established that non-medical (behavioural and psychological) factors are primary determinants of excessive absenteeism, prolonged sick-time, and ultimately significant absence from work, independent of the particular medical diagnosis.

Studies have clearly concluded that early intervention decreases absenteeism and the use of sick leave.  Employers can reduce lost productivity and employee turnover by assisting employees that exhibit high risk factors before the problem becomes chronic.  The key is knowing the risk factors, and implementing intervention strategies targeted at the specific risk factors present as soon as the risk factors are exhibited.

Urgency is Required Because Prolonged Time Away from Work is Harmful

Prolonged work absence can cause needless, but significant, deterioration in a person’s well-being.  While on extended disability many patients lose social relationships with co-workers, self-respect that comes from earning a living, and their major identity component – what they do for a living.

Early intervention is the key to preventing disability.  Odyssey CBT Counselling Services are designed to assist in the early detection and resolution of situations that may lead to prolonged or repetitive absence from the workplace.  We can provide quick access to this service (first appointment within 5 business days of the referral).  Our focus is on keeping the employee in the workplace with improved attendance and/or performance, or on returning the employee to a level of function that allows a return to the workplace in a timely fashion.